Office Cleaning

office cleaning

Today consumers have so much selection when it comes to office cleaning companies. Competition is fierce and office cleaning companies have no choice but to provide the absolute best to stay in business!

When a consumer chooses her dentist, her manicurist, his lawyer or clothier, many factors come in to play.  These include customer service, price, accessibility and of course cleanliness of the location.

Further, employees want to work in a clean and healthy environment.

We understand the value of every impression your office has to make.  We receive an overwhelming amount of calls from companies stating how disappointed they are with their current cleaning providers.  They are looking for that extra attention to detail.  They want to have a better service, and that’s when they call Father and Son Cleaning Services.

We work with you, we want your clients and staff to be thrilled with your office space.

All of our proposals include a custom checklist that outlines your space layout and its elements, required tasks and rotations, and schedules that suit your operations.

Below are just some of the services we offer:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Post party cleanings
  • Appliance cleaning (stove and fridge)
  • Interior cupboard cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Commercial/Factory cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing/waxing
  • and much, much more!

If you have a special request for another job not listed here, please ask!  We provide fair and quick estimates for our projects.